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Kathy St Jean and Randy Deats

Kathy St Jean is the Co-Director of The Dancing Feeling.  She has been dancing since the age of 3 and has been teaching for many years!  She has an extensive background in the performing arts (tap, jazz and ballet) and holds a degree in dance.

Kathy enjoys teaching children through adults— beginners through professional. Her classes and private lessons are lots of fun yet very focused on good technique and giving her students what they need to achieve their goals whether it be just plain fun social dancing up through professional competitive dancing.

Combine Kathy’s passion along with her credentials below and you will find she can help you have fun and be the best you can be.

Kathy is frequently asked to teach workshops and special classes throughout the world.  Kathy has competed professionally in Latin, Standard and American Smooth and has won numerous awards in both areas. Kathy is a professional member of Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, North American Dance Teacher Association, Dance Teachers Club of Boston (with dual membership in ballroom and performing arts), Dance Educators (performing arts), USA Dance and the United Country Western Dance Council. Kathy continues to compete Pro-Am in both ballroom and in country. Her students consistently place at the top of their divisions (including winning numerous world titles and top male student awards). To date Kathy’s students have won 7 world titles! She is the recipient of numerous top teacher awards. Her students have also performed with Kathy at the Samsung Dancing with the Stars Road Tour Pre-Show at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence.

Kathy is a certified championship ballroom judge registered with the National Dance Council of America and is a certified master level judge with the United Country Western Dance Council. She judges Dancesport Competitions throughout the United States and Collegiate Ballroom Competitions throughout New England. Kathy also judges UCWDC and USA Dance competitions (including UCWDC World Championships) and serves as Chairman of Judges of many competitions. She has served as Head American Style Coach for the MIT Ballroom Dance Team and Roger Williams University Ballroom Dance Club. Kathy has also served as the Vice President of the UCWDC Judge Certification Program where she governed the world-wide Judge Certification program. This position gave Kathy the opportunity to train judges worldwide, most recently in Asia and Europe.

She has appeared on the original NBC-TV series “Dance Fever” and has taught aboard the Crystal Harmony Cruise Ship traveling through Europe and the Caribbean. Her Performing Arts dance company performed in Disney World as well as winning numerous competitive awards. She has served as chairman and examiner of the ballroom section of Dance Technique Club of Boston (DTCB). Kathy has served as faculty for Rhode Island College Dance Department for 8 years. Kathy can frequently be seen teaching seminars for various dance organizations. She is also co-event director of the New England Dance Festival. Kathy’s passion throughout life has been dance and finds great rewards passing on her love and knowledge of dance to her students.

Randy Deats is Co-Director of the The Dancing Feeling. He has been teaching ballroom dancing for over 30 years. Students travel from throughout New England to train with Randy. His experience, knowledge and comfortable teaching style helps people achieve; great comfort on the social dance floor as well as high competitive dance success. Randy is excellent with beginners through Professional. Randy’s teaching style makes people feel relaxed and confident so they can have fun learning quite rapidly.

Randy is a certified championship level judge with the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) and is also a certified master judge with the United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC). Randy judges throughout the United States ballroom and country dance competitions and collegiate ballroom competitions. He has judged both regional and national and world title events and also holds the position of Chairman of Judges at various competitions. Randy has taught many seminars at UCWDC events and has been a featured Instructor at the USA Dance Nationals. In addition to judging competitions he also is frequently seen as the Master of Ceremonies of many competitions throughout the United States. He is an Instructor for the University of Rhode Island Ballroom Dance Club and is Head Coach of the Rhode Island College Ballroom Dance Club.

Randy has won numerous awards for his competitive dancing, for his studio (The Dancing Feeling), his choreography, his PBS TV show “Dancing Disco” and his book. He is a member of the North American Teachers of Dance Association (NADTA). He has served both as an officer of Dance Teachers’ Club of Boston (DTCB), the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) and the National Dance Council of America (NDCA). Randy has served as Examiner for Dance Teachers Club of Boston. His TV series “Dancing Disco” won an Emmy for outstanding instructional programming. Randy has also taught aboard the Crystal Harmony cruise ship traveling throughout the world.

Combine Randy’s patience and passion for working with people with his qualifications below you will see why he is always sought after as a teacher!

Randy is also co-event director of the New England Dance Festival.  Randy feels community service is very important and continues to donate his time to the Dancing with the Stars of Mentoring fundraiser which helps many children and teens in the state of RI.  Randy remains involved not only in the day-to-day affairs of the studio, but continues to personally be involved in the ongoing training of both staff and students.