Country dancing is great on both the social and competitive floor!

8 dances comprise this style.  All are great fun! You can take both Country group classes and Country Private Lessons at our studio.

West Coast Swing

Country West Coast Swing is moderate paced dance using country music. West Coast Swing in general uses all types of music from Country, to Contemporary, to Blues and everything in between. It is interpretive so it can be dances to a variety of music styles. You will have lots of fun adapting to the [...]


This is the most elegant of the Country dances. Much like Ballroom Waltz it moves around the floor with style and grace with many of the same patterns. Country music is always used and it is easy to learn while you have fun! Since this dance is the same as in Ballroom you can [...]

Two Step

Have tons of fun dancing Two Step to great upbeat tempo Country music. Two Step is packed with fun as you move around the dance floor. Use this dance anywhere they play County music. Many Ballroom dances now include a few Two Steps throughout the night to enjoy!


Polka is a competitive Country dance that is fast paced and packed with energetic movements and high energy music! Can you say “Fun”? This dance is mainly used at competitions but occasionally will be found at Country dances.