Commonwealth Classic 2015

Want to add a extra fun into your dancing?

Join our “Team Dancing Feeling”  and enjoy local competitions as well as travel and have a blast visiting new places with your friends!

  • Great goal!
  • Helps improve your dancing!
  • Lot’s of fun!
  • Really cool costumes!

Talk to your teacher about how much fun this can be!

Competing is a great way to have a goal to work towards and take your dancing to the next level! We have teachers who compete in the NDCA Ballroom as well as the UCWDC Country circuit.


Michael DeNezzo, 2016 UCWDC Gold Novice World Champion, performs with his instructor Kathy St. Jean on The Rhode Show.

Why Should I Compete?

There are many benefits to competing that we would love for you to experience! Competing helps in many ways such as building confidence, is great exercise for body and mind, sets goals, deepens your understanding of dance and gives you the opportunity to enjoy and be comfortable to perform in front of an audience.

How To Get Started

Let your teacher know that you are interested and they discuss more details with you!

Past Competitions:

  • January: Worlds: Country Dance World Championships (Country) – San Fransisco CA
  • January: Boston Dancesport Cup (Ballroom) – Boston MA
  • February: Eastern United States Dancesport Championships (Ballroom) – Boston MA
  • March: Peach State Dance Festival (Country) – Atlanta GA
  • March: Tri-State Dancesport Championships (Ballroom) – Stamford CT
  • March: ACDA Country Event (Country) – Ft. Worth TX
  • April: Seacoast Classic (Ballroom) – Dover NH
  • May: Dancing A La Carte (Ballroom) – Springfield MA
  • June: Orange Blossom Dance Festival (Country) – Orlando FL
  • July: Atlanta Ballroom Challenge (Ballroom) – Atlanta GA
  • July: Big Apple Dance Festival (Country) – Newark NJ
  • August: New England Dance Festival (Country) Boston MA
  • September: DBDC (Ballroom) – Boston MA
  • September: United States Dancesport Championships (Ballroom) – Orlando FL
  • October: Philly Fall Fest (Country) – Philadelphia PA
  • November: Common Wealth Classic (Ballroom) – Boston MA
  • December: Las Vegas Dance Finale (Country) – Las Vegas NV

We coach Brown University, Rhode Island College, & Roger Williams University Ballroom Teams. They will attend collegiate competitions sponsored by different schools such as: Yale University, University of Connecticut, Brown University, Tufts, University Of Massachusetts Amherst, WPI, Rhode Island College, Harvard & MIT.