You are about to enjoy one of the best activities: Dancing!

Dancing is so much fun and can be done at any age!

Some of the many benefits of dance include:

⋅ Making New Friends ⋅

⋅ Having Fun ⋅

⋅ Exercise ⋅

⋅ Increasing Self-Confidence ⋅

⋅ Relaxation ⋅

⋅ Starting a New Hobby ⋅

Introductory Special


Perfect for singles or couples, our Introductory Special is the best option for people who are new to dancing.  This offer let’s you sample how easy it is to learn to dance and how much fun it can be!  These 3 one-on-one private lessons will give you a chance to learn and practice the basics of the most popular dances styles.  

Not new to dancing?  The Introductory Special is a great way to try us out, and gives us the chance to make you feel at home with us.


Wedding Consultation


Our wedding consultation is the best option to learn to dance for your wedding day!  Together with your instructor, you’ll customize a lesson plan that meets all your needs for your special day.  You’ll be able to work at your own pace and make the process of learning your wedding dance an experience you’ll always remember.

We can also help you learn several dances so you can be on the dance floor as much as you want!  Don’t forget, what you learn you can use after the wedding so the fun continues!

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