Zumba Classes

Zumba Classes

Join Debbie O’Donnell for her awesome Zumba classes!

Tuesday Evenings at 5:30pm! Online & in-person

Saturday Mornings at 9:30am! Online & in-person

$6 Per Class Online Via Zoom or 10 classes for $50
$10 per class In-Person or 10 classes for $75

Pre-registration required for on-line class Saturday mornings. Please contact The Dancing Feeling directly to pre-register 401-736-0110. 

Zumba fuses hypnotic rhythms with easy to flow dance and fitness moves. This dynamic fitness program will blow you away with its infectious rhythms and makes a party of exercise.

10 Benefits of  Zumba

1.  It’s Addicting! Zumba is so much fun, you will want to come to both classes! You will love exercising! No more forcing yourself to be in shape!
2. Feel Happier: Zumba exercise releases endorphins that make us feel good! Walk out of class on top of the world!
3. Full Body Workout:  Zumba will exercise every part of your body. Feel stronger, be more flexible, and enjoy a great cardio workout!
4. Tone While You Dance: Before long you will have muscle tone which will improve your appearance and make you look amazing!
5. Burns Calories! Zumba is the perfect way to burn calories while you dance to the music! You will forget you are exercising!
6. Relieve Stress: Exercise actually calms us down as we focus on moving! Leave class feeling refreshed and full of energy!  
7. Improve Your Coordination: Zumba will help you to have great coordination as you move to the music.
8. Great Cardio Workout: Exercising our heart is essential to be healthy. Zumba dance will keep your heart pumping!
8. Boost Your Metabolism. As you dance to energetic music your metabolism will go to work to make you healthy on many levels!
9. Be more confident: When your body feels great, it is easy to be confident as you move throughout your day.
10. Satisfaction: You will feel the benefits of every class and that helps you to continue!  A healthy class to make you feel great while you have fun!

See her official Zumba Webpage!

Zumba classes at Rhode Island’s Premier Dance Studio. Contact The Dancing Feeling