Come Join In On All Of The Fun! 


What Is A Showcase?

It’s a performance with your instructor…


…or with a fellow student.


It’s great for new students as well as experienced ones. Your instructor will customize the choreography to be the perfect fit for you!

Ballroom Beginner Night

It’s a fun way to share your dancing with the rest of the studio community.

Choose a song that you’ve always wanted to dance to, or your instructor can pick one for you.

Even if you don’t want to try a showcase yet, you can still be part of this wonderful day. Come cheer on your friends and meet new people!


Why Should I Do A Showcase?

It’s fun and an exciting new experience.

Student Showcase

It can be a great motivator to work on a new dance…

…or a cool way to show off your favorite dance.

It helps you work on your dance technique and learn how to perform.


It’s an amazing day, full of community and friendship.

March 1st

There’s lots of social dancing, too.

Two Dances In A Row