Red Stage, Curtain, Talent Show, Pizza Party
Saturday, July 30th 6pm-11pm

Got Talent?
Show us your stuff – funny, serious, goofy, out of the ordinary – we want it all

Shy and Afraid?
Pair up with a friend(s) and put your talents together

Join us for a fun and different evening!
Enjoy a special night of talent show performances, a pizza party and social dancing!

Performers: you don’t have to be a member to participate! Pick up an entry form at the front desk or print one here, fill it out and return it no later than July 15th (date extended)
Guests: This is a pre-paid event: please have admission in by July 26th (need for ordering food)
$25 General Admission (includes Talent Show, Pizza Party and Dance)

Once registration is closed, a performance schedule will be established. A minimum of 8 performances will be required to run the show so encourage your family, friends and cohorts to show us their talent.

Dancing talent is already recognized and therefore not allowed, unless your dancing is unique and unusual from what we do in classes – please keep your clothes on and no obscenity!

You are responsible for any equipment, instruments or props required for your performance. Our microphone and/or sounds system are available for your use.

You must pre-register by filling out the talent registration form and submitting it at the front desk. The performer cut-off date is July 1st. Keeping your performance a secret creates an element of surprise especially when people do not know of your skill, while other performances generate excitement and enthusiasm just by talking about them. Choose your method wisely.

Each performance will be held to a maximum of 5 minutes, so short and sweet works best for all. (Special consideration for time extensions may be granted upon request).

Please consider our precious floors – all props and physical actions need to be scratch free. Check with our staff if you have concerns.

Please let us know if you have special requests or needs concerning your performance and maybe we can help make it happen. We can’t wait to see all of the performances!