Yoga Class

Starting Monday, April 10th 2023

Join Margaret Laorenza for an amazing yoga class! 

Monday’s from 9:30pm-10:30pm
Please check our calendar page for questions about holidays/closings. 

A fun, challenging yoga class of movement and breath designed to welcome not only a general population, but also those over 50. Specific attention is given to form and modifications for the spine, hips and knees through a series of traditional Warrior standing poses, and incorporates balance and flexibility. Participants can be new to yoga, and are encouraged to go at their own pace. It is necessary to be able to get up and down on the mat without the assistance of a chair.

Items needed for class:
A yoga mat, a blanket or towel, and water
(Yoga blocks and straps are optional)
Comfortable clothing that allows for stretching and ease of movement
(No shoes or sneakers)


$10 per person per class. Please call with any questions!