What is a Beginner Dance Night?

A beginner dance night is a dance held at the studio where you put into play what you have learned at your private and group lessons.  This relaxed and informal atmosphere will help you to become comfortable on the dance floor! The Dancing Feeling instructors will be on hand to help you as you practice what [...]

Do I need a partner?

The Dancing Feeling teaches both singles and couples. If you do not have a partner your instructor is your partner for your private lesson. Our group classes will provide plenty of opportunity to meet and dance with other students that are learning just like you!

Where will I use dances I am learning?

For those of you who are interested in social dance lessons, The Dancing Feeling will provide many opportunities for you to dance each month. In addition we will keep you informed of the many options in our area. Other great places to dance are; at weddings, on cruises, swing and salsa clubs, office parties, charity [...]

How should I dress for my lesson?

Please come dressed comfortably.  You should wear clothing and shoes that are easy to move in.  On your first lesson please bring a separate pair of shoes to change into when you arrive - we suggest wearing comfortable street shoes that do not have sticky soles.  Ladies, it is best not to wear shoes that [...]

Is dancing easy to learn?

The Dancing Feeling is known for making learning to dance easy and fun!  Our professional instructors are patient, kind and experienced helping their students learn with ease and great fun in the process!

How do I get started?

The Dancing Feeling is just a phone call away. Be sure to ask for the Introductory Special. This course offers you 3 private lessons, 2 groups and a practice party!  This is a sampler of all the ways you can learn how to dance. Come see why we have taught Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut as [...]

Do I need any experience?

Not at all! At the Dancing Feeling we welcome those of you just starting out to dance as well as experienced dancers!  Our Instructors have a passion to help people learn how to dance at any level.

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