Below are some testimonials from our students:




“Kathy, Randy and the incredible staff of The Dancing Feeling, Thank You! This summer at your studio was amazing. Classes were always a blast and quite informative too. Lessons from you are so enlightening. Thank you for your constant patience and support. I understand so much more than I did a few short months ago, and I am encouraged to learn more. Thanks for developing such a welcoming environment. You have begun to show me how fulfilling and fun dance can be. Hope to see you from time to time during the school year. Thanks again.”

Nathan C.


“Had you told me 20 years ago, that someday, my husband and I would be performing a cha cha routine in the elegant ballroom of Rhodes on the Pawtuxet and that I would be wearing a midnight blue, velvet Latin dance costume and my husband would be wearing a tight-fitted black Latin shirt that our son picked out for him, I would have said “no way!” Neither of us were the type to perform. My husband hated to dance for the first 19 years of our marriage, and I had the passion and desire to dance, but no skill—and no partner. The Dancing Feeling changed all this.

Flash forward to the present: We now spend 5-10 hours a week dancing. Crazy? Not if you’ve met Kathy and Randy. They make us smile. They have a love of life that’s delicious to experience. We love watching them dance together—whether it’s an elegant Waltz, a sultry Samba, or an energetic Hustle. Our classes with them are often the high point of our week.

Their passion is contagious. They’ve chosen wonderful dance instructors, who radiate a similar joy and share the same “user-friendly” method of teaching. Kathy and Randy are exceptionally skilled pros. We enjoy their creative, colorful teaching style (e.g., zany imagery, playful metaphors, clever exercises). They make the learning experience pure fun! Ah… we are so very lucky. Thank you Randy and Kathy—for a lifetime of pleasure.”

Harris & Ellen K.


“About 17 years ago, I went to a beginner class at The Dancing Feeling and got hooked immediately! I am still going, after all these years, and the thrill, fun, and excitement is still there!

The Dancing Feeling is like a second family to me, I know everyone and am constantly making new friends. We have fun, are always learning new things and I still look forward to going to a class or a dance.

Previously, I had been a member at various gyms; however, this is the best exercise anyone could ever get! We move and have fun at the same time, what could be better?!

I would be remiss if I did not mention how wonderful Randy and Kathy are as well as all of the instructors and staff at the studio. They are talented, patient, and love it as much as the students do and it shows. I hope that you have a chance to experience the fun and joy of dance! See you soon on the dance floor!”

Annette L.


“It was FANTASTIC!!! I can’t say enough about the dance party last night. Everyone had a great time and are talking about having another! A great big Thank You to Maureen. She was unbelievable and very easy to work with. The crowd loved her!! Before you knew it, it was 10:00pm and everyone was still enjoying their “free time” to continue practicing. It has taken me 23 years to get my husband to take dance lessons with me and I finally succeeded (thanks to Maureen) By the end of the night he was asking ME to practice! Wonderful night had by all. Thank you, Thank You! You will be hearing from us again.”

Beth P.